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This teaching is about spirituality. We will teach you everything. It is up to you to decide which parts are truly useful to you in your life. Each path is different, and at the very end, they all lead to unity.

Estas formaciones son dictadas por AmArAntA y pueden realizarse tanto de manera presencial como online.

Love is freedom!



In this course you will learn how to perform all the Method’s therapies and you will receive the stellar body activation as well as an activation of your 18 chakras.

Además, enseña a realizar todas las terapias del Método (culpa, culpa sexual, tristeza, sanación del corazón y del alma, rabia, comunicación, relaciones, dinero, limpieza a 360, terapia del bien y del mal, del sanador, preparación del miedo, miedo, útero materno y del niño interior).


There are 111 christic codes and in the course you will channel the code of your own higher self. They are useful and necessary tools for therapists, masters and guides as well as for anyone who is experiencing blockages in his/her life.

Christic codes operate from the highest vibration through images, colour, movement and sound. Learning them helps us, among others things, to create with words.



The 13 primordial races of the galaxy have shared the 111 codes of diamond frequency of extremely high vibration, that develop different powers of the Multiverse. They are The Codes of Heaven. 


In this course you learn the 111 codes, their powers, their elements etc. These codes are activated in the Divine  Stem Cells, related to points in the physical body and its cosmic geometry. 


In the teachings you can see the practical forms of the therapeutic use, and they can be used on a personal level or in consultations. 


No previous training is required though it is recomendable to have done at least The Path. The training is done online or presencial.



There are 111 codes related to places on Earth and its powers. Their different geometries develop capacities that help us liberate the conflicts related to our life on Earth. They are Earth Codes


In the teachings you can see the practical forms of the therapeutic use, and they can be used on a personal level or in consultations. 


No previous training is required though it is recomendable to have done at least The Path. The training is done online or presencial.



In this course, the 13 subtle bodies are activated to their maximum potency as well as the 18 diamonds of the 18 chakras. In order to do this, you will work on your ego and with your Inner Master.

Compulsory for those who wish to become Path guides.



From AmArAntA’s hand comes a new challenge for our ego: Masters 2. After Masters 1, this course suggests to continue immersing into the liberation of the aspects of the personality. 


In addition, the diamonds, the virtudes and the bodies of the 16 chakras outside the physical body will be activated. This creates the Cosmic Unity body


It is necessary to have done The Path and Masters 1. 



This course certifies the attendees to teach Path, meaning that the students will then be authorized to teach Path online or in-person.

In order to take this course, you must first complete all the method courses.

This course is taught by AmArAntA and can be attended in-person or online.

Instead of giving into fear, feel the light that is in all things and let it flow into your life.

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Amaranta Method book

Amaranta Method book in english

This book is the fruit of the channelings of my I Am or my inner goddess, known to me by the name of AmArAntA, as well as other guides that call themselves guides of the Amarantine vibration, that have been sending me these healing tools for the past ten years.

These healing tools are in the book that details the Amaranta’s method and they are the teaching materials of The Path.

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"Our target is your happiness".

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