The first course of the Amaranta Method is called Path. It includes powerful activations, theoretical teachings about The Method and exercises as well as instructions for performing cleanses and healings.

Path is a conscious healing technique, a wonderful tool for spiritual growth whose goal is to help us manifest our Higher Self or Inner Divinity.

It helps us find a sense of direction, recover our strength, our personal power and our self-esteem and to understand what our mission in this life is.

Path is divided into 9 steps: healing, channeling, the soul, present life, the family tree, the shadow, reprogramming, emotional cleanses, and the balancing of the feminine and the masculine.

Steps of Path

Step 1: Healing

In this first step, you will learn how to work with energy using different types of innovative healing techniques like the solar and lunar healing, the christic and quantum-christic technique. You will also learn how to use the Archangel Healing Rays and to create and apply your personal Healing Sphere.

This step includes one Activacion: 13 chakras activation. With meditations to improve the conexion.

Step 2: Channeling

In the second step of Path you will learn to channel, meaning to communicate with beings from other levels of existence like angels, masters, guides, but also elementals, plants, animals and minerals.

This chapter includes several activations: DNA, the chromosome of health and vitality, the cell regeneration chromosome, the neuronal regeneration chromosome, the christic activation chromosome, the quantum-christic activation chromosome.

Step 3: The Soul

In this step you will learn everything that has to do with past lives, including how to perform healings on the soul, how to manage and visualize past lives, how to resolve different karmas and karmic wheels, and how to work on the Akashic records.

You will also learn how to recover lost capacities from other lives. 

The activation corresponding to this step is the indigo and crystal activation.

Step 4: Actual life

In this step you will learn how to connect and heal all the processes that you have been through since the months preceding your conception unto the present moment of your current life.

You will also learn how to free yourself from roles, masks and mental memories. 

The activation corresponding to this step is the christic body activation.

Step 5: Family

Here you will explore everything that relates to genes, family memories, the family tree, the collective conscious and unconscious as well as how to heal and cleanse your DNA and to connect with your family of souls.

In order to experience the effectiveness of this step’s healings, it is useful and necessary to draw your family tree using all the information you can get because this knowledge will help you heal and release memories. 

The activation corresponding to this step is the quantum-christic body activation.

Step 6: The Shadow

In this step you will learn about the different life cycles, how to cleanse energies, how to free yourself from the misuse of words, how to overcome duality and how to deal with ego

The activation corresponding to this step is the body of light Merkaba activation.

Step 7: Reprogramming

In this step you will learn how to reprogram on 34 levels. Different exercises are included that relate to program clusters, blockages and the main problems people bear in general as well as the corresponding programs that can be applied instead so that the patient can “fully reset his/her hard-drive” 

The activation corresponding to this step is the diamond body activation.

Step 8: Emotional cleanses

That which has been done in step 7 with programs is performed on emotions. This chapter deals with repressed emotions and includes work on the pericardium.

Furthermore, you will learn how to balance the different elements inside your body on all levels. 

This step’s activation is the rainbow body activation.

Step 9: Balancing the femenine and masculine

In this step we learn how to release memories stored on 34 levels as well as to balance the masculine and feminine energies. 

The corresponding activation is the solar and lunar bodies.

Different ways of path

In person

Our guides organize Path courses in person in different places.

Every step includes an Earth excerciseIt consists in a series of exercises related to the earth like sacred chanting, sacred dancing, ceremonies, walking/talking from your divine essence, working with kundalini, etc.

Path Online

This course is organized on a weekly basis and may be attended from any place in the world.

Path Online doesn’t include the Earth exercises in the different steps. These can be done separately during a weeking in agreement with the course guide.

Self education

You are free to decide how and when you wish to attend the course, following your own rhythm. The material will be sent to you in a digital form. 


This package offers access to all activations through audio files and exercises that include corrections if necessary. We also offer you an extra service of a personal coach that will answer your questions and doubts through different media.

Calendar of courses




Amaranta method book cover

Amaranta Method book in english

This book is the fruit of the channelings of my I Am or my inner goddess, known to me by the name of AmArAntA, as well as other guides that call themselves guides of the Amarantine vibration, that have been sending me these healing tools for the past ten years.

These healing tools are in the book that details the Amaranta’s method and they are the teaching materials of The Path.

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