The Amaranta Method is a personal growth technique that works on an energetic level in a complete and global way. It is a healing technique that offers to liberate us from all the negative energies that keep us from fully expressing our divine nature.

The Method has been channeled and studied with the intent to forge a fast and efficient tool able to resolve any type of problem in any type of situation or simply to help us know ourselves more deeply, to understand why we are here, why we chose our family and what is our true mission in life.


The Method offers to rid us of the largest amount of negative energies possible in a very short time, allowing us to become relaxed, conflict-free, happy beings, focused on our growth and on the wellbeing of others, capable of transforming the Earth we live on into a place of peace and love, into paradise itself!


We proceed by searching for the root of the problem and releasing all the energy related to any type of situation that we experience in our life from the moment the problem originated to the present time, be it a relationship, money, work, health, lack of motivation, etc.


The Method treats a negative emotion (emotional plane) its programs (mental plane) and its memories (physical plane) on 34 different levels.


Next to the therapies, we also offer:

Energetic cleanses



We would like to stress that all therapies, cleanses, channelings and healings can be performed IN-PERSON or FROM A DISTANCE. Also, no previous skills or knowledge are necessary.

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All the courses, therapies, cleanses, channelings and healings can be taken in-person or online.


Therapies + Channelings + Cleanings


Therapies + Channelings + Cleanings


Therapies + Channelings + Cleanings​


Therapies + Channelings + Cleanings​

Therapies + Channelings + Cleanings

  • PURPLE (Anna) +45 30200073 (Copenhague) (languages: español, danish and english y sueco)
  • BLUE (Lars) +4553635390 (whatsapp) (Copenhagen)
    (language: danish and english).

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"Our target is your happiness".

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